Servers & Storage

Making Data Storage Management efficient

Our services in the server and storage space are designed to help our customers maintain their competitive advantage. We offer more than one solution to solve a storage or data management problem and work closely with our clients to discover the best fit.


We can supply you with a stand alone tower server, through to virtualised x86 systems to enable your future cloud strategy.


We pride ourselves on always being at the forefront of emerging technologies such as Hybrid Storage and Software Defined Storage solutions. 

Hyper Converged

HCI combines common hardware using locally attached storage resources with intelligent software that replace legacy infrastructure.


SDS enables users and organizations to uncouple or abstract storage resources from the underlying hardware for flexibility and efficiency. 


Implementing a new SAN or changing an existing storage infrastructure requires a significant amount of planning, coordination, and technical expertise. VikrusIT's delivery services – including Site Surveys, Staging and Onsite Installation – may be utilised individually to augment your existing capabilities or together to provide a turn-key implementation solution.