Backup and Recovery

Enabling a simple get out of jail free card strategy

Having a concrete Backup and Recovery process is a business' get out of jail free card when facing catastrophic data loss. 


Our simple try before you buy evaluation program can help you understand and choose the right backup solution for your business needs. 

Infrastructure Backup

With a choice of backup technologies at our disposal, we can help you choose the right appliances and software to secure your critical data.

Cloud Backup

Bringing cloud services into your backup strategy is equally important. We can help choose the right tools to backup to and from the public cloud.

Managed Backup

All your backup needs taken care off and stored in UK data centres with professional 24/7 support team at your disposal. All for a flat price per month.

Not sure where to start?

Are you still backing up to tape? Do you have different strategies for backing up and recovery from SaaS applications?. If you're experiencing issues with your current backup solution, book a review with us. We'll arrange for one of our experienced team to undertake a thorough review and provide you with our recommendations.